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Why ArtisTech?

As a small enterprise, we are able to take a wide range of projects on, and offer competitive rates. We are eager to grow and learn both as professionals and as a business, and that eagerness translates into an advantage for you.

Our development processes are mature and thorough, and we incorporate the most efficient platforms and tools available to create quality products that adapt to every scale. Our goal is to provide you with solutions and support that cover all of your needs - from websites, landing pages, SEO and social media marketing to smartphone apps and software.

As an Orlando, Florida - based company, we like to stay involved in the amazing and expanding tech community here. There's so much growth, support, and potential available, it's easy to learn and collaborate with the local tech powerhouses, co-ops, and startups. Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit.

Mobile Apps

Maximum market exposure.

Mobile technology touches the largest global consumer base. We specialize in application development for web, iPhone, Android, and any other mobile platform. See your app idea become the next worldwide trend.

Responsive Web Design

As adaptive as a chameleon.

ArtisTech's customized builds are responsive, dynamic, and smooth as butter. If more attention is what you're looking for, a well-developed website is more effective than a toddler-style temper tantrum.

Wearable Technology

The fashionable side of software.

From Google Glass to smart watches, wearable devices are the new frontier in connectivity. The need for apps and usability makes this the best time to incorporate wearable products and features with your business.


Companies and start-ups we've had the pleasure of doing business with.

Meet the Team

Ravel Antunes and Jessica Harned

Jessica Harned - Designer & Web Developer

Jessica specializes in mobile and web design, as well as front-end web development. When not building sites and apps, she displays her skills as a talented illustrator and artist, her favorite projects are designing logos and icons.

She enjoys swing dancing, painting, and yoga. She is personally responsible for introducing Ravel to chai and Indian food.

Ravel Antunes - Developer & Architect

Ravel is a senior software engineer, with expertise in web, iOS and Android development. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect.

When he isn't doing research or coding, he is most likely to be found with his akita, Milla, or playing guitar. He has a deep and overwhelming passion for chai, Indian cuisine, and Pink Floyd.

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